VPS Server Hosting – When Is The Right Time To Make The Move?

VPS server hosting is becoming more and more popular among growing and mid-sized businesses. However, its cost is more than that of shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, VPS provides each customer with its own virtual server and therefore bandwidth and disk spaces are not shared with other customers. However, choosing the right time in making the required move from a shared hosting service to a VPS server is not an easy one. Generally, small websites or blogs don’t have high traffic. So, most of them don’t even get close to utilising the available bandwidth in the shared environment. Once traffic of a site reaches a certain level, only then the required move should be done to avoid unwanted downtime. There is a general notion that when traffic to a website reaches one thousand per day, the hosting server must be changed to VPS server hosting.

VPS Hosting Service

Now, let’s have a closer look at some of the factors that you should consider before choosing a VPS hosting solution:

#1 Is the service managed or unmanaged?

When you are dealing with shared hosting solution, there is no question of getting access to root resources of the server. Therefore, there is no chance of any kind of managing services in case of shared hosting. However, when it comes to VPS, the entire virtual private server space is provided to the customer, in accordance with the package bought. If you have significant knowledge on technical aspects of servers, you have to manage the different aspects of the server. However, in case the VPS managing is done by the service provider itself, it will be known as managed virtual private server. In such cases, the onus of keeping the server running rests with the service provider. Until and unless you are a technology geek, it is best for you to go for managed VPS. This is because of the fact that the service provider will take care of the different aspects such as repairing, shutting down rebooting, restarting the server, and others. While choosing VPS server hosting, check out the different plans and their offerings. This is important because all the service providers don’t offer same hosting services.

#2 Are you using Windows or Linux VPS Server hosting?

Linux based VPS servers are believed to be inherently more secure because of the open source nature. However, they are unable to run the technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, or others. If a user works mainly on Microsoft technologies, opting for Windows VPS will be the best possible move.

#3 what is the server configuration?

When it comes to servers, two things are very important and they are performance of loading time of the site. Though bandwidth plays important part in these aspects, configuration of servers are very important too. Some of the aspects you need to check in the configuration are RAM used, processor capacity, size of disk, and others.

Check these 3 aspects before making the move to VPS server hosting. Call 1800-288-3570 to know more.

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