Unique Australian Holiday Ideas

There are a number of ways to spend your holiday in Australia and with such a big country, you need to decide which region will be your destination. Some people are total beach addicts, and in this case, you might want to book a package holiday at one of the more prestigious resorts on the Gold Coast, and with every luxury at your fingertips, you can chill out on some of the best beaches in the world. Aside from that, the most popular way to spend a few weeks down under is by hiring a campervan and taking in as many attractions as possible.

Finding the Right Vehicle

There are several reputable companies that offer Australian camper hire, and with a range of top quality vehicles, you will find the ideal unit. Modern motorhome are fully equipped with just about everything you could possibly need, and with accessories like fold up bikes available, you can tailor your holiday experience.

Where to Go?

There are many regions that are popular, with self-driving routes that range from a day trip to two weeks in the outback, and it really does depend on what you want to see and do. If the coastal routes appeal, there are many to choose from, with Brisbane being an ideal starting point. From there you can travel along the Sunshine Coast, where there is a range of water sports and other beach activities.

Explore the Wineries of Western Australia

WA is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason, with the best wine the country has to offer coming from the Swan Valley and Margaret River regions, and with many cultural centres where you can see first-hand, the unique aboriginal way of life. Perth is the ideal city to start your journey, and with a simple online search, you will source a reliable Australian camper hire company that can prepare your vehicle at the airport.

The Outback

If you fancy a trip into the wilderness, you will need the right vehicle, and once you have that, there are many routes you could take. You might want to visit the Gold Coast, or spend some time in the tropical rainforest, and if you are going to be adventurous, there are some challenging routes if you head out of Darwin, the capital city of The Northern Territories. While you are unlikely to meet Crocodile Dundee, you can never be sure you are far away from a salty, so take notice of the No Swimming signs when you see them. National Parks preserve the unique wildlife and with some truly amazing vistas, the natural rugged landscapes of the outback make for a unique holiday experience.


Brisbane is the perfect place to begin your tour of this amazing state, and there are online suppliers of quality campervans that can arrange for the vehicle to be waiting for you at the airport, which is ideal. The coastal run never fails to impress, and with many interesting inland routes to explore, there is something for everyone.

Self-driving is by far the best way to see Australia, and with the right motorhome, you and your family will really enjoy the experience and have a holiday to remember forever.

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