Tips for a Self-Driving Holiday in New Zealand

If you have decided on New Zealand as your next holiday destination, a self-driving holiday is the ideal way to spend a few weeks,  and wherever you come from, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with local driving rules and laws. They drive on the left in New Zealand,which is no different if you come from the UK, but opposite to the USA and mainland Europe, and here are some important points to remember when driving in New Zealand

Narrow Roads

New Zealand has many winding roads where you can expect sharp bends and gravel on the surface. Animals will frequently cross, so speeds should be kept to a safe level, and by allowing extra time, you can safely complete your journey. There is affordable Queenstown car rental,if you are planning to begin your holiday in this popular coastal resort, and with online solutions, you can make the booking well in advance

Seat Belt Laws

Every passenger in the car must wear a seat belt at all times, and children must have suitable child seats, so make sure you, the driver, ensure the rules are followed.Queenstown car rental companies would have child seats that you could hire for the duration of your holiday, and with a range of vehicles, they would have something just right.

Mobile Phones

Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal in New Zealand, so if you need to make a call or send a message, stop the car for a moment.

Drink Driving

Driving while over the limit of alcohol in your blood is a very serious offence in New Zealand, and with very strict enforcement and severe penalties,
it just isn’t worth it. It is a good idea to enjoy the fine wines after the car has been parked up for the night, either that or designate a driver, which also works.

Driving Etiquette

As there are many narrow roads, if you are driving a motorhome, there will quickly be a line of traffic behind you, and if you see a lay by, of which there are many,it is nice to pull over and allow them to pass. If you are used to 8 lane highways, then driving in New Zealand might be a culture shock.
People go about their daily business at a casual pace, and road rage is virtually unheard of.

Changing Weather

New Zealand can have all four seasons in a single day, so expect to encounter wet and windy conditions. Always make sure your tyres have adequate tread and are inflated to the correct pressure. In wet conditions, you should reduce your speed, and always be prepared for an emergency stop when driving through forested areas. Most of the traffic laws are similar to other countries, but there is a sense of safety and politeness on the roads, which is a reflection of the genuine friendliness of the local people.

Driving holidays are very popular in New Zealand, and by observing the rules and regulations, your holiday should be an unforgettable experience for all
the right reasons.

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