Purchasing authentic rudraksha beads

It could be that the person is contemplating to purchase rudraksha for himself or to gift it to his beloved one. Before purchasing one, it is essential for the person to ensure that he gets to know the number of faces that the rurdraksha needs to have for it to show the kind of power and help the wearer with its beneficial properties.

Avoiding fake beads

There are several scrupulous entrepreneurs who have been trying to take advantage of the web by providing fake rudraksha beads to innocent people who are first time buyers. Making exact copies of the beads is not actually a tough task. There has been a sharp increase in the demand for rudraksha beads across the globe, the reason why its price has shot up in the last decade. To enjoy making more profits, the scrupulous entrepreneurs tend to sell fake beads citing them to be real ones, thereby fleecing money from the customers.


To avoid them it is necessary to check out the different online stores to compare the quality and 11 mukhi rudraksha price in India.  At the same time, going through the reviews put up by customers of different online stores can help the person to make a well informed decision to buy from a reputed store, the right type of rudraksha beads.

Testing rudraksha beads for its authenticity

The fact is that it is possible to differentiate between the fake and the real ones. The real rudraksha beads are known to sink when put in milk or water, where duplicate ones float. A good quality bead is considered to be somewhat smoothed, greasy, has hard, clear face. The beads have a natural hole in its middle.

The experienced person having some knowledge about the rudraksha beads can recognize the artificial ones. The higher mukhi or face rukdraksha like the 11 faced one is said to be a bit pricey, when compared to the other types.

How can rudraksha beads be taken proper care of and used?

For deriving the beneficial properties of the beads, there is a need for the person to know how it is to be taken care of and used. If a fresh rudraksha bead mala is to be worn, then Monday is the suitable day for it. The mala is better removed when sleeping. But when travelling, the person is advised to wear it and sleep.

After taking bath in the morning, the mala is to be held in right hand, while the correct mantra is to be repeated 108 times regularly. Ladies are not to wear the mala during menstrual bleeding period. Men are not to wear it for funerals. The rudraksha mala is said to have a long lifespan.

The mala if properly kept can be passed on to at least 8 generations. It is to be occasionally washed with lukewarm water and dried naturally. Soaking for extended time period is to be refrained from.

One should always remember that for enjoying the benefits of wearing the rudraksha beads, it is necessary to buy from well established online stores and check the birth chart to derive the correct one.


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