Minesweeper For Free Online

Sometimes it’s hard to get the excitement in your life that you are looking for. Sometimes it’s as easy as playing Minesweeper. For years, people have been relying on Minesweeper as a brilliant way to spend their time.

What Is It?

Many people have heard of Minesweeper but are not sure what it is. The game is played on a board made up of squares. In the basic principle, you just have to guess where there are no mines. If you click on a mine, then you lose the game.


Like many games, Minesweeper began as a single-player game. With the introduction of the internet, Minesweeper has grown and is now available in many competitive forms, where both users are given the same board and are expected to complete it. The one who clicks on a mine loses. Alternatively, if both players complete the game, the player who took the less time and moves will win.

Minesweeper is available to play competitively not only online, but also in real life where there are boards made especially for this purpose.

How to Play

First of all you will need to click a square on the board. This should give you a start. What this will do is uncover a few squares and you may be able to skilfully work out your next move. The numbers in the boxes represent how far away mines are on the board, so you should use this to choose squares that are unlikely to have mines.


Once all of the squares, apart from those with mines, are uncovered, the game is won. The difficulty can be made more or less difficult to suit every individual. If you play the game on a board and you really enjoyed it (or you think you can do better) you can choose to play that board once again. You can try to beat the time you took last time to make the game more challenging and enjoyable.


Minesweeper is most popular to play online, rather than offline in the real world. This is because online platforms are set up better for the game and have more of an ability to be random and spontaneous with the mines, as well as being able to adjust the difficulty. FunRoom is the best place to play Minesweeper, as you can adjust the difficulty specifically to your needs and it is very easy to access.


The best tip for playing Minesweeper is to learn the patterns of the numbers. At first it will be difficult to understand, but after a while you should get very familiar with the patterns and you will be able to win Minesweeper quickly and easily on whatever difficulty – it’s perfect for impressing your friends and family.

Minesweeper is a great game to play, it is perfect for any age group and really helps you to think strategically, which is a skill you can use in your day to day life. It is fun to play with your friends and family.


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