Key Attributes of the Best Virtual Private Servers Hosting in India

Choosing an appropriate type of hosting solution for a business website is a complex process. It involves analysis of multiple factors in terms of website needs, security concerns, and type of business, just to name a few.

VPS hosting- better alternative to shared hosting

Although, shared hosting is chosen as an entry level hosting due to the obvious advantages of economy, one should also consider other factors such as security and resource availability. This is more applicable for business websites that must operate in secure environment and are expected to grow in near future.

Shared hosting may not be a right choice, if you are expecting your website to grow rapidly or if you plan to add custom applications and use the platform for online transactions.

This brings us to a better as well as affordable choice of the best virtual private servers hosting in India. A VPS is built by dividing a large server into multiple Virtual Servers that are designed to have their own operating systems, CPU, and disk space. Every virtual server is referred to as Virtual Private Server since it is assigned to a single user.

Choice of managed or unmanaged VPS hosting

Unlike shared hosting, users are offered complete autonomy of server management and root access to server resources in the best virtual private servers hosting in India. Hence you will come across two types of VPS hosting such as managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting.

Unmanaged hosting needs support of seasoned geeks who must look after every aspect of server management, configuration, security, patching, software upgrades, application installation, and much more.

In contrast, managed VPS hosting provides freedom from all such issues related to smooth functioning of server as well as website.

Hosting service provider shoulders the responsibility of administration, configuration, and maintenance, of VPS server. It should be noted that the extent of server management varies from vendor to vendor and therefore users need to confirm the same before finalizing the plan of the best virtual private servers hosting in India.

One of the distinct advantages offered by managed VPS hosting is releasing IT manpower of the organization to pursue more productive work for business development.

Managed VPS server hosting allows use of cPanel at no extra cost in addition to comprehensive management website hosting. If you need to install new applications, then hosting service providers will offer seamless assistance for the same.

In addition to security against DDOS attacks and firewall protection you are able to enjoy stability of website performance and round the clock technical assistance. Reputed vendors offer two public IP addresses as well as full root access to users of VPD hosting.


Configuration and choice of OS

These are the two major differentiating factors of the best virtual private servers hosting in India and shared hosting. Users can enhance the speed and improve performance of their website by ensuring a well configured server that is built with high capacity processors, sufficiently allocated RAM, and an optimum disk space. In addition to this one can also choose from Windows or Linux operating systems as per needs.

The best virtual private servers hosting in India is suitable for specialized tasks including mass emailing, custom installation and business emails to large number. It is the perfect choice if your website is experiencing demand variations since the resources can be scaled upwards or downwards in response to fluctuations in demand.

The best virtual private servers hosting in India offers scope to begin at the lowest configuration and scale up gradually as the traffic to website starts gearing up. It also saves your money since you are not paying unnecessarily for the untapped resources.

Choice of control panels

Whether you are choosing Windows or Linux operating system for your VPS, you are entitled to user-friendly control panels. cPanel has gained extensive popularity as one of the most sought after control panels for Linux VPS servers. It is regarded for outstanding user experience and ease of operations. Alternatively, you can also think of VirtualAdmin, WebMin, and so forth.

Windows VPS servers are synonymous with Parallels Plesk control panels. It has a revolutionized Graphic User Interface (GUI) that is bursting with functionality.

There are many parameters to choose between Linux and Windows VPS servers. It is observed that due to cost considerations, stability, and community support, Linux OS is usually preferred to Windows operating system.

We can conclude by saying that Linux VPS is the best virtual private servers hosting in India as well as the most suitable hosting solution even for startups and small websites. This is especially for those websites that expect a phenomenal growth in the traffic volumes.

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