Jaguar F-Pace – An SUV for All Occasions

Jaguar has been making cars for decades; they are responsible for some of the finest and most iconic cars of all time.  They have won endurance races such as Le Mans and have even competed very successfully in Formula 1.  Despite the success of this brand they still produce a range of cars that can be purchased by any average person.  Of course, the top end vehicles come with a price that reflects the quality and luxury of the vehicle you are purchasing.


Jaguar has always been known for luxurious, stylish vehicles and the F-Pace is no different.  It maybe a four wheel drive vehicle but it still manages to look like it would be at home outside an upscale hotel or on the race track.  It can just as easily be seen at your local golf club or in the supermarket parking lot.  This is why it can genuinely be called a car for all occasions.  The Jaguar F-Pace is designed to be used in a wide variety of everyday situations.


The outside of the vehicle sits seductively, looking like it is ready to come flying out of the pits and win any race.  It has beautifully crafted alloy wheels and sits close enough to the ground to remind you of the pedigree that Jaguar has.  The inside of the vehicle is just as stylish.  The centre console has a large touch screen which displays all the information regarding the vehicle status, music being played, GPS directions and even the heating controls.  Everything can be controlled from the myriad of buttons set on the three spoke steering wheel.  The seats are leather and well crafted, encompassing you and making you feel like you are sitting inside a sports car.  Every detail on the Jaguar F-Pace has been perfectly crafted and designed to last.


The vehicle can be used to go anywhere for any occasion.  This is partly because it has an excellent all wheel drive system and partly because there is the option to have the car fitted with a three litre V6 supercharged  engine.  Alternatively you can select the diesel option which uses a three litre V6 turbocharged engine.  This engine has eighty horsepower less than the supercharged engine’s 380 PS but it is still more than enough to provide an exhilarating experience when behind the wheel.  It is, of course, possible to purchase the F-Pace with a more standard engine option which will reduce fuel costs and make sure the vehicle remains an affordable option.

Go Anywhere

The four wheel drive system will allow the Jaguar F-Pace to go off road, it will happily cruise up and down hills and even some of the low lying mountains which can be found dotted around the world.  Jaguar has built a solid reputation for being producers of reliable and stunning looking vehicles and the F-Pace definitely fits within this category.  With a massive trunk and the option to fold the rear seats flat, there is little which this SUV cannot achieve.


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