It’s never late to fulfill your dreams, Time can really wait!

Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more. Sam Joseph is a government servant and lives in Jamshedpur. He belongs to Kerala. He always wanted to pursue his career in music bur his parents were strict and wanted him to study and get a government job. But music was his passion. His parents allowed him to the music school to learn piano on condition of making to the government sector. He worked hard to fulfill the condition kept by his parents and he was thankful to them for sending him to the music school. He did well in both the fields and got the government job and the music diploma at the same time. He was posted in Jamshedpur. He knew that the job in the government sector wasn’t going to allow him to chase his ambitions. So he immersed himself in work and forgot about music as the days passed. But as his retirement was fast approaching, he decided to fulfill his incomplete wishes. He decided to move back to his native place Kerala and open a music school. His wife Samantha and his son Peter who lives in America supported his decision. He went to Kerala to make arrangements for him and his wife. He also managed to get a hall on rent to start his music school. Now he had to shift his stuff to Kerala.


It wasn’t an easy task to do. So he began looking for relocation services in Jamshedpur. He saw an ad of APM Packers and Movers in the newspaper. Sam dialed their number and a pleasant voice greeted him. He asked to fix a meeting with the executive the next day. At the meeting their team explained their work process and respective charges which were super affordable. And they assured him of safe and timely delivery. He affirmed on their offer. They arrived the next day with a big truck. Those people seemed well mannered and highly skilled professionals. They quickly prepared the list of the items and began packing the stuff. The packing seemed neat. After packing they piled up the stuff in one room. Then they loaded them on the truck smoothly and slowly to prevent any sort of damage. They took the Kerala address from Sam and left.

On reaching Kerala Sam learned that everything reached safely and no damage was done. They unloaded the stuff and arranged them in appropriate places. The shifting was done and everything was done without any hassle. They gave their blessings to APM and declared it to be the best packers and movers in Jamshedpur. Now that Sam and Samantha have moved to Kerala, they have ample time to spend with each other. Sam’s music school has started and has gathered 21 students. On seeing his husband, Samantha also thought of fulfilling her wishes and she gives cooking lessons to the ladies. Whenever they talk with their son on Skype they tell him their progress and he is also happy for his parents. At last Sam’ s second innings started off well.

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