Growth Effects of HGH on human body

As we age, there will be decline in the level of human growth hormone. Usually this happens in 40s but for some people they may see this decline even in 30s and 20s. By the time one reaches 60s there will be 30-40% decline as compared to 30s. Since there are very less studies and scientific proof on the effectiveness of human growth hormone supplements and injections on improving the functions in the body it is very difficult to decide which supplements to use.

One very common diagnosis is the slow growth in children. If the child is present with short stature or looks younger than his/her age then it is advisable to consult an endocrinologist (a physician who specializes in hormone problems. Ideally, a growth hormone therapy is advised by the consulting specialist to the patient to begin with.

Effects of HGH supplements:

The benefits of HGH supplement depends on the actual ingredient present in the product. It is more effective if the product comes in with lot of essential amino acids. If they are not present in a product then it cannot be very effective.

Some of the essential amino acids which are released by pituitary gland and play a major role in optimal functions in the body are as below.

  • Valine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Histidine
  • Lysine
  • Leucine
  • Tryptophan

Importance of Growth Hormone treatment

Growth hormone plays a vital role in Human Development as this hormone stimulates the growth of all internal organs expect the brain. Growth hormone is responsible for increasing immunity in individuals, in strengthening of bone and to increase the muscle mass.

Growth hormone deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency is a condition in which the body doesn’t create enough growth hormones. This is commonly seen in children. In infant/child growth hormone deficiency is identified by a physical exam that includes weight height and body proportions in a growth chart. If the growth curve shows a slow growth then the child is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, whereas in adults’ growth hormone deficiency is seen in individuals having deficiency in any pituitary hormones or suffering from obesity or with fatigue.

It is a myth- “Growth hormones are needed only when you are at a growing age and you will not grow taller after the age of 21. Rather Growth hormones are needed to maintain proper amount of fat, muscle, tissue and bone in our body. Therefore growth hormones constitute to healthy living of any individual irrespective of his/her age.

HGH Diet – A knowhow

For athletics, it is believed from ancient times that consuming raw eggs with milk every day after work out increase in regaining the muscles faster and healthier. This natural method is not only healthier but also cheaper. Beans are rich source of proteins, surveys recommend including beans in every day meal as these boost the levels of amino acids and enhance the pituitary gland to secrete the growth hormones necessary for our body growth. Taking food rich in zinc such as sea foods, oysters are also natural hormone boosters.

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