A Busy Place during Rush Hour Doesn’t Guarantee Your Safety

The recent case of a teenage girl that was abducted in Oxford while walking to school clearly shows how it’s impossible to guarantee your safety. It also cancels out every instruction by our parents about traveling alone in busy areas or in other words “in clear sight of others”. Despite being in a busy area at the most busiest time of the day, this girl was abducted in plain sight of pedestrians by two individuals who assaulted her and left her traumatized for the rest of her life. Question is, how could this have been avoided completely? And the answer is pretty simple too. Parents and guardians can use Mobile spy applications like TheOneSpy to help keep their loved ones protected.

How can spying applications help?

There are many features found in monitoring applications that can help keep our loved ones safe. Here are some of the features if used correctly, could have prevented what happened to the girl in Oxford.

  1. Tracking their location

If you know your kid tends to travel alone to specific destinations like school or the local library, then you can set up preset routes in the monitoring application which will ensure that your kid doesn’t go off track anywhere at any time. If at any time, the kid deviates from the preset route, you will automatically be sent a notification. Monitoring applications also come with online cloud storage that ensures that your kid’s whereabouts are always saved for later viewing. The system also tends to give you a monthly analytical report that will make predictions for future travels as well as give you a summary of everywhere the target gadget has been.

  1. Alert button

Some newer versions of the monitoring applications come with Alert Buttons. However, this is only possible in the case where your kid is aware that you are monitoring them. Personally we recommend that you do let your kid know that you will be monitoring them, this will save you a lot of trouble when they find out on their own. Besides, it also helps build trust. The alert button allows kids and loved ones to notify their guardians and partners if something is wrong and they are in trouble. The dynamics are very similar to panic buttons found in security system.

  1. Multiple alert notifications

As the owner of the monitoring application you get notified at different instances like when:

  1. The SIM card of the target gadget is removed or changed.
  2. When you are setting geo fences for your loved ones, you can depend on the monitoring application to send you notifications in case any of the fences are breached. This allows parents to keep their kids safe from “no entry zones” for their own protection.
  • Some monitoring applications also come with a feature that sends notifications to the owner of the application in case the phone is ever shut down. So if your kid feels threatened or is in trouble, they can simply shut down their phone to send you a subtle message to come help them.
  1. Bugging the phone’s MIC and Camera

Once you have gotten an alert that something is wrong, you can first check the exact location where the victim is and then listen and look into their surroundings. This is classic spy stuff where you have eyes and ears into the whole situation. This is an especially helpful feature for authorities as they can easily profile the criminal in question.

This feature is also used by parents when they want to make sure that their kids are hanging out in the right circles. So basically, while you will have direct access to your kid’s virtual conversations through emails, Messengers and text messages, this features also allows you to have virtual access to different settings and situations.


While it’s a good idea to always travel in a crowded place, it’s not the most perfect safety precaution. Pedestrians are not always looking, and even if someone catches a glimpse, they never know how to react at first and would eventually just ignore it. Therefore taking your safety in your hands is the best way to ensure that you are not in trouble. Using monitoring applications also allows children more monitored freedom to explore and enjoy without having parents on their heads all the time.

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