BMW Cars – Getting Ready for the Future

What a better way to come to your office, than by driving in a premium BMW model. The aura associated with this brand is all there to see. Whenever you find yourself behind the wheel of a BMW car, you will feel all the eyes on the road tracking the wonderful vehicle. The great thing about this amazing company is that it always tries to reinvent itself so that its customers get the best of the bargain.

The jaw-dropping design of BMW models and their awesome technological features make all BMW products winners on the road. BMW has a wide range of cars in its portfolio that ranges from a hatchback, sedan to sports car and stretches all the way back to the muscular-looking SUVs. The main USP of this German company is its focus on providing its buyers with the best in technology that is available in the market. BMW has pioneered in several technological breakthroughs that have made the automobile industry such an exciting and dynamic place.


As more and more countries are turning towards greener energy sources, BMW has also made a big effort to take a strategic shift towards less polluting fuel alternatives. The company is currently working on its electric model and will launch it shortly. BMW also plans to introduce more models that run on fuel cells shortly. Even its current premium series, including the used BMW series, features several technologies that look futuristic if you compare them it rivals.

One of these features is that you can take the car out or park it inside your garage using its smart key. It has a small screen that enables you to see where the car is going. This keychain can also be used to start or stop the engine of the car. The pop-up display inside the car allows you to zoom in while you are viewing a street map. It also understands hand gesture to connect or disconnect your phone, and increase or decrease the phone volume. The head-up display and voice command capability make these models very safe to drive as you do not have to take your eyes off the road to tweak some function.

In addition, several innovative technologies used in BMW series have made this company one of the most sophisticated companies in the world and the cars it produces have become an inspiration to other automobile companies. Among several features available, Touch iPad is one that you can find in both brand new as well as used BMW cars. This remarkable feature allows you to input alpha numeric instruction into a touchpad to control the inbuilt navigational system without breaking your concentration from the traffic ahead. BMW is also working on the ‘near field communication technology’ to put all the data of your credit card into your car key chain so that you can use it to buy something. All the information of your purchase through your keychain will be displayed on the display panel of the car.

Another inspiring technology from BMW called the ‘Lateral collision avoidance system’ allows you to drive your car without rubbing shoulder literally with your fellow motorists on the road. This sensor system uses ultrasound to detect any car that has come close to your car and then produces a sounds to warn you off a possible collision. This gives you ample time for take preventive measure to save your precious car from any scratches.

The only major problem BMW cars faces are their expensive price tags. This has put these beauties out of the reach of the middle class society. However, if your heart is set on buying a BMW car, then you can opt for a used BMW car that is inspected by BMW engineers and comes with a guarantee for quality. All these models are refurbished by the company’s authorised dealers and look and feel as good as new. Additionally, these models also come with a warranty for a further 50000 miles of driving. This makes this option a very attractive route for many who wish to have a BMW in their garage.

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