What is the Best Advice for Hiring a Motorhome?

Before you hire a motorhome it might be a good idea to consider how the vehicle is going to be used. A conversion or campervan, also known as a class B motorhome, is a great choice for a short trip, for people that love spending plenty of time outdoors, and smaller groups or families. Class C motorhomes are a grade up in terms of size and comfortability, and due to them using traditional truck or van cabs, people find them much more familiar and easier to drive, especially if you are new to recreational vehicles (RVs).

For large families and longer trips, a class A motorhome can offer a lot more interior space and entertainment options in the case of any harsh weather. Another thing to consider is that RVs are larger than most other vehicles and handle differently, so it is in your best interests to take the one you want to hire out on a test drive before making your choice of campervan hire in Melbourne.

All about the Size you require

The class B motorhomes are the smallest and thus the cheapest to hire. These campervans are popular with a small number of people and are very easy to drive because they have the same shape as a regular van. They can be easily parked also. Larger families and groups will have some difficulty fitting comfortably into these small motorhomes, and the lack of sleeping area could require the use of tents or other alternative arrangements.

For larger groups of people and those going on longer journeys, you may want to consider a class C or A motorhome. Class C motorhomes are constructed on extended truck or van frames and have more some sleeping space available than a comparably sized class A due it having a bunk area over the cab. Class A motorhomes are built on special heavy duty frames and can be found in much longer configurations. These motorhomes also have the benefit of offering excellent visibility when driving due to the fact that they ride higher and in most cases have large windshields and side windows.

Making the Perfect choice for your Holiday

When you are going to hire a motorhome for the very first time, it is a smart idea to select a couple of potential units. If you have never driven an RV before, try to select at least one class C and class A to take out for a spin. A short test drive will definitely be very useful in giving you a good idea of helping to decide exactly what kind of motorhome you are most comfortable operating. And don’t forget about the insurance. Your hiring company will naturally have all the information regarding this and any other queries that you just might have. Just simply ask them as they are the professionals.

Have a great holiday and drive safely! Enjoy!

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