Assessing Dedicated Server Location Options in India

Dedicated servers are the ones which are not used by any other person and are meant for use of a single person or organization. There are no other tenants or users of its resources. These servers are required in many situations. A dedicated server would be needed for managing high traffic and bandwidth requirements. It would also be needed for having full control over the machine and performing customizations as per requirements. Whatever may be the precise requirements of having a dedicated server in India, there are three different ways in which these can be located and managed. A decision is usually taken on the basis of these three alternatives of location.

At Own Place

Dedicated servers can be located at own office. This shall be accompanied by creation of proper infrastructure and atmospherics for its flawless functioning. There is a need for having a dedicated line of required bandwidth from internet service provider. There is also a requirement for having cooling systems and round-the-clock power back-up which can sustain power outages for at least a few days. A proper security system shall also be in place with access control mechanisms to ensure physical safety of the dedicated server hardware. And, last but not the least, there shall be dedicated IT personnel who are experts in server management to take care of any issues and to perform regular tasks of installation, de-installation, updates and data back-ups.

The feasibility of having requisite infrastructure and all the attached costs are factored in while deciding on having a dedicated server at your office. Generally, only large organization which have all the required set up and need frequent server operations have their servers at their location.


At Colocation Service Provider

Another alternative to having the dedicated server at own location is to place it with a co-location service provider. These providers are the ones which provide suitable infrastructure and environment for keeping servers. They take care of the physical security, power-backup, bandwidth, cooling systems and other such requirements. Clients are usually provided cabin, racks or even full rooms on rent for this service. The service providers use economies of scale by locating servers of different client on their premises. However, they do not provide service of management of software on the servers. They do grant access to authorised people to manage the software on their respective servers.

These are ideal choices because these prevent costs of infrastructure and maintenance which have to be incurred by having dedicated server at own place. If there is a co-location service provider close to your business or office, then server can be easily managed by the IT team. Proximity to business is one of the prime considerations in selection of co-location service providers so that IT team can visit and perform tasks on regular basis.

Managed Dedicated Server Services

The third option which can be explored for location of the dedicated server is with the provider only. There is no need for setting up servers at a different place (whether own office or a co-location provider). This has to remain at the location of the provider and is also entrusted with the task of managing the server. Any configuration which is desired or the software or application which has to be installed or uninstalled is told to the provider. The provider executes the tasks required within a certain time frame as is generally agreed to or is given in the service level agreements. The promptness and accuracy of work defines the quality of services and this becomes a distinguishing factor among service providers.

Among these three options, relative cost-benefit analysis shall be done because every service has its own costs as well as pros and cons. The consideration may not necessarily be to go for cheap dedicated server hosting in India but to seek the most appropriate one for your needs. Cost does play an important role and the ensuing competition among providers ensures that the costs are kept in reasonable level. With many providers currently offering this service in India, you can expect the costs to be lower than what these were some years back. You shall take time in arriving at a suitable decision since it will set the stage for future operations.

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